We exist to enhance lives of individuals in the baltic world by connecting volunteer, financial and teaching resources to non-profit organizations.


One of the biggest challenges of any non-profit is volunteer recruitment and retention. My experience working with organizations who leverage, with excellence, this aspect of non-profit life is the inspiration behind taking these lessons to the leaders in Estonia and the Baltic nations.

The foundation is dedicated to administer training of best practices that will have this challenge met with professionalism and high level of customer service.


The foundation raises funds to be generous to our neighbors. As we invite leaders to participate in our programs we want to invest in their dreams as well. This type of partnership will create the long lasting relationships needed to create a ripple effect of generosity across the communities we are serving.


Our main program will be a mission to measurement course that will give leaders an actual business model with which they may be able to bring their dreams into reality. 

This course inspired me to move forward with my own dreams of making a difference across the globe. In fact its the very course that gave the foundation life.

We are confident that if leaders are given the tools they need they will not only survive but thrive.