Our Heart...


The heart of the Raf Zayas Foundation is to grant access to our leadership development program to as many church pastors, their staffs and other leaders who cannot afford to get such high quality content for the lowest cost possible or even free.

It all started when...

I went to Estonia for the first time Christmas 2002 and met the love of my life...Marje. We had a VERY LONG distance relationship for three and half years culminating July 22, 2006 when she said "I do". We have been to Estonia ten times over the years each time I fall more in love with this country. I have been dreaming about what it would look like to serve the country of Estonia. 

You see my journey took many twists and turns to get me to this point. Growing up as a pastor's kid in Brooklyn and Staten Island, NY wasn't always easy and I ending up leaving my faith for ten years. However, as grace would have it, I have spent the last ten years repairing my faith, gathering expertise in the marketplace and nonprofit space  to go on a new journey.

Our vision would see all that has inspired me build up faith communities and non-profit sectors of Estonia and the Baltic nations. The Foundation is poised to take best in class programs and care to the current and next generation leaders in Estonia.

We are excited to take action in what the next ten years will bring and hope you will join us for the ride.