We have worked with many people over the years building up our cache of expertise in leadership development. Here are a few.



How does a Puerto Rican kid from New York develop a burning passion for ministry in Estonia?  Only God!  I believe the Father hand-picked Raf Zayas & his wife Marje to advance Christ's Kingdom in the baltic nations... And used their last 10 years on the East Coast to perfectly equip them for the life-changing mission ahead!

I've had the privilege to serve as Raf's pastor over the last decade & watch up close as the Holy Spirit did an incredible work in the life of this special couple. God has deposited fire, passion, and a Spirit-filled vision in Raf's heart to reach the next generation in Estonia through marketplace ministry that resources young leaders.

As an associate pastor at our church, Raf compassionately cared for the hearts of hurting folks, prayed passionately, & boldly led people to experience Christ's power!  If you want to change a nation, you need incarnational young leaders plugged into the Spirit's power-- that is who Raf is & that is what he'll do in Estonia.  It's a thrill to support Raf & Marje in their global mission for Christ!

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Tom Kang - lead pastor, new life church

“Dreams” often come and go…but God’s call has tremendous sticking power.  I’ve seen that call in Rafael’s life for the greater part of ten years.  His heart for Estonia and the movement of God there is like none other.  But Rafael and his wife have been grounded thousands of miles away from Estonia.  Yet during this time, God has faithfully trained and used him in the areas of pastoral ministry and leadership.  And now it’s time to go.  What a thrill to see how God is unleashing them toward a land they love! 

Robert C. Cantwell - President and CEO,
B&G Foods, Inc.

Rafael worked for 20 years at B&G Foods.  It was a pleasure watching him mature and develop both professionally and personally during his years of service.  His loyalty and dedication, along with the trust I had in him, made for a very special employee.  Rafael developed into a strong leader during his tenure both in his organization and strategic leadership of his department.

In addition, Rafael was able to develop his employees to improve their abilities in their roles at B&G.  Most importantly he cared about the people who worked directly for him, along with his peers through the company.

I cannot support Rafael enough and truly wish him the best on his new and exciting journey.

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Rev. Annette Cutino - Director of Advance, Lead.NYC, The New York City Leadership Center

Vision is a powerful force.  Vision without strong leadership and strategic thinking is only dreaming.  Now, dreaming is important but bringing the dream or vision to pass is what leaders do.  Rafael is a strong leader, visionary, strategic thinker along with the necessary practical tools in his toolkit -- makes him quite effective. From our very first encounter, he communicated his vision for Estonia with clarity and focus.  He successfully completed our organizational leadership training and left with a strategic action plan to bring his vision to fruition.  He also has a secret ingredient - ferocity – that is needed to make a lasting impact wherever he goes.   He has God sized faith to make this God size dream happen.  I for one cannot wait to see how God uses Rafael and his wife to bring His kingdom to Estonia. 

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Dave Adamson - Social media and online pastor, North Point

Spend just five minutes with Raf, and you will realize that he's a natural leader who has a vision and strategic plan to make that vision reality—but he’s so much more than that. I’ve had the opportunity to walk beside him on his spiritual journey and what I see is a pastor with incredible insight and compassion, a man of integrity, truth and grace, and a follower of Jesus who asks great questions. Raf understands that question marks open the door to conversations and fresh understandings, which is why he has sought mentors to stretch him, programs and courses to grow him, and ministry partners to guide him. In pursuing his vision to serve the people of Estonia, Raf has already impacted church leaders across the US—including me. I can not endorse Raf and Marje highly enough!